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We are a Karaoke company who have been in business since 1998. 4Play Karaoke has over 30,000 "Genuine" karaoke tracks. We are aware of other companies boasting 100,000 duplicated (with many illegal bad quality downloaded tracks from You Tube including 70+ versions of My Way etc. We have simplified our list by taking out our duplicates and giving you the best version available. We've also done away with the old-fashioned songbooks, pens and scrappy bits of paper and use our state of the art Songbook App. You have your own songbook on your own mobile phone. We update our song books every 2 weeks. When we update our books, your phone app will instantly get updated. You can search songs by song title, artist name or by genre. You can save all your favourite songs to your own personal folder inside the app and when you're at a 4Play Karaoke venue, you can easily send up whatever you want to sing that night with the clock of a button. You will be notified on your phone when you are next up to sing and you can also view the singers' queue to see exactly who you'll be singing after. This is the next level of karaoke where most of our competition is light years behind. Join us for what most of our customers call the most modern karaoke experience about. If you'd rather not use your phone, for whatever reason, anyone is welcome to use one of our Songbook kiosks which is an app for public use.

Our services

The karaoke services that we offer are known for their quality, seamlessness and ability to create a swinging party atmosphere. We aim to get as many people involved as possible. Our top of the range karaoke equipment is continually tested for optimum performance – with the expertise afforded by multiple years delivering premium karaoke solutions.

What people say about 4Play Karaoke

Numbers speak and nobody pulls a crowd mid-week crowd like 4Play Karaoke manages to do every Wednesday night without fail in Yates in Colchester. Yates is a huge venue and packed every Wednesday night. People return every week and have done so for nearly 10 years now.

Our ever popular FREE Songbook App

We have multiple ways for you to get SongbookDB. ● Option 1 Text SB to 07956509365 ● Option 2 Google Songbookdb (Songbook code is GFP58) ● Option 3. Type Songbookdb into Playstore/App Store and click on SongbookDB song search karaoke. Songbook Code is GFP58 ● Option 4. Scan our QR Code ● Option 5. Click on the link below to view our online songbook. •To send requests you must register via either email address or Facebook. •The quickest & easiest way to register is via Facebook. (Don't worry, it's only to confirm that you are who you say you are. This app WILL NOT post anything on your FB page. https://www.songbookdb.com/books/gfp58

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